Embracing Change

This is the change I saw when I looked out my window this morning.

Yesterday       Today

I am coming to the conclusion that ALL change is good. That is a big concept and hard for us to wrap our minds around, especially when we are in the midst of the change.

I think that movement is good also. If I were to sit stagnant all day, where would my mind, body and spirit be?

I am watching the changes in my life from day to day. I have my goals and desires, places I am aiming at and I realize that I am creating the change by the steps I take towards my goals.

I am also aware the little changes I can make to eliminate the habits that I have. I don’t like these habits, and I try to embrace them because they are part of the ‘who I am’.

When I can accept all of me, then I am able to change the things that make me uncomfortable ‘in my skin’. These little changes in the habits will make a difference some day. In fact every day I make a change, I am a different person.

Exercise for example. I dislike exercise. I am an artist and I would rather do so many other things. Friends say to me, do what you like! I can do that, and my days are very fulfilling.

But, in my heart I feel questioning, pushing me on toward growth.

I have a little notion that says, ‘if I keep moving the body, it will continue to move’. Since I am in my 65th year I think it is a good idea to keep moving and create change in making a different, less heavy and restrictive body.

Sometimes change comes when we aren’t expecting it. Suddenly we are not where we thought we were. It is then that we want to turn our awareness toward self and ask, “What am I trying to learn?” It may be uncomfortable to make those big changes, changes such as cancer, accidents or falling out of love, but they are all for the good.

All of our changes have moved us to where we are today … let’s embrace them!

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