Watching The Snow Melt

I am having a contest with my neighbor. She doesn’t know it yet.

Actually the contest involves a bet with my husband also.

I don’t have much at stake, just an afternoon of luxury if I win and something I have to allow if I don’t. I think I will win!

It all started when I was discussing how fast the snow would melt with my husband John.   I was fixated on the snow melting and the grass becoming visible. As the weather warmed I watched the snow on our roof melt. After the last snowfall John had cleared a small part of the front roof by pushing the snow off the roof with a rake. John is very adventurous, he didn’t use a roof rake made for pushing the snow off the roof. He used a leaf rake!

One day I began to compare my roof with the other roofs in the neighborhood. My roof was melting quite nicely except for one part on the back of the garage.

“Why is that snow on the garage not melting?” I questioned John.

“Because that roof is on the north side of the house and doesn’t get any Sun.” he replied.

And then he said it … and I couldn’t resist, “That snow won’t melt until June.”

“June, you have got to be kidding, I bet that snow is gone by the end of March.” I declared confidently.

The bet was on and I check the roof several times a day (I can easily see it from my bedroom window). I also check the weather temperature daily and hope for sunny days to melt my roof. Today we are having rain. I am hoping for a ‘warm’ rain.

my roof

Recently John realized that his June deadline was a bit off and he changed his date to April 15th. It wasn’t fair, but I let him do it any way.

As I was “watching” the snow melt off my garage roof on the north side of my house, I noticed that the neighbors’ roof had a stubborn patch of snow that was refusing to melt. I didn’t understand it; it didn’t seem to be on the ‘north side of the house’?

I decided I would bet my roof against her roof. Of course, I am imagining my roof becoming snow-free first!

cu neighbor roof

One day I fantasized opening my bedroom window, taking off the screen and leaning out of the window with a leaf rake, pulling the snow off the roof and unto the ground. It would be a cold and scary thing to do, so I dismissed the idea.

I also play other games with the ice and snow. The creek behind my house has frozen and unfrozen and frozen again. The ducks only come out when the water is not frozen.  Ha ha!

snow melt ducks

I watch my lawn, as one grassy part meets another grassy part. Soon my entire lawn will be full of ‘grassy parts’!

grassy parts

What is the reason for all this silly betting and watching the snow melt, you might ask? You could think I am simply bored with life and have nothing to do. Or I have gone wacko in my old age? Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, I believe I am learning to quiet my mind. I am in that “Now” space that people are talking about all the time. I am in peace. If we had another snow fall, it wouldn’t upset me. I would enjoy it because I really love the clean and pristine beauty of the snow, and then I would watch it melt again.  I am ‘BEing’ in that space of ‘whatever happens is okay’. Knowing that the Creator or Director of All That Is has divine timing for each event, and I am here to enjoy each event that is presented to me.

My friend Kathryn sends out a monthly newsletter, which includes an excerpt from her guides, The Light Collective. In the except I read that whatever we believe we create for ourselves.

I believe I can step out of that collective fear about weather patterns, missing planes and crabby people. I focus on beauty, love and kindness (and melting snow). It is what I want to see in the world. The Light Collective also said that if you believe something is bad for you, it will be.

My suggestion: Take a little quiet time to watch your mind and ‘see’ what you are focused on.

For what you are ‘seeing’ … you are ‘believing’!

Link for Kathryn’s newsletter:

Oh, one more thing …

My husband is laughing at me. I had to remove the windows and the screen to get  good pictures for you. Then, I thought I should wash the window. Ha ha! While I was at it, I went to the garage and got the rake. I couldn’t reach very far, so it didn’t make much difference.

My neighbor probably wonders what in the heck I am doing, washing my window on this chilly March day.

snow roofs

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