The Fairy Painting – Finished!


When is a painting really finished?  I thought the fairy painting was complete on Monday. But it wasn’t. I was happy with the results and it would have been okay to leave it as it was.

Plus, I was really to a point where I wanted to be done with it. It was time. I took a few days off, and I left it on the easel where I could look at it from time to time. Jane’s comment on the blog brought my attention to the wings. I had lost the transparent quality in them. I love wings that you can see through. It was an easy fix and only took about an hour. I took the background color (what was behind the wings) and added it on top of the wings and blended it, this made them look transparent. Then I carefully added a light color chalk to lighten the tips of the wings. I am satisfied and the painting is complete.

I have contacted Helen, the inspiration for The Fairy Painting, and she is delighted that I will be sending it to her. Yay for me! … it won’t have to lay around the studio.

This exercise has been good for me, creating a blog about a painting. It forced me to be careful and look deep within myself. It also opened up my senses to all the colors in my environment and the way light and dark fall on objects and faces. This is something I knew before, but have forgotten.

As an artist and a person, it is important to stop and look. Look at part of the house that you love, a cup of tea, or at your friend or lover. I don’t mean ‘see’ with the eyes … I am talking about spending moments looking. Look at the lines in the skin that build the character,  look at the tonal value and how the light curves out the features. It is very fun to LOOK, I suggest you try it!

Happy Painting!

Checking the likeness ORIGINAL FACE

Checking the likeness

Checking the likeness PAINTING

Checking the likeness

Close up of wings, showing transparency and chalk

Close up of wings, showing transparency and chalk


I had difficulty with the side of the hand, so I covered it material!

I had difficulty with the side of the hand, so I covered it material!

I hid a  few things in the background. Can you see the object?

I hid a few things in the background. Can you see the object?


12 thoughts on “The Fairy Painting – Finished!

    • Jodi, I can make a print of it! I will be in touch. I am still figuring out ‘word press’! I finished the post and added additional images to the bottom of the post, but they weren’t there when I looked at it. Apparently I had posted a draft. So check the blog again if you like, I have included some more images.

  1. Perfect! Just wonderful–and perfect!! I do think you should consider making prints, and maybe notecards to send the blessing to others?
    I see the green image, but can’t decide what it is. Will you share, please?

  2. I love it Joanie! Reading about the journey to the final painting has peaked an interest in finding a creative outlet….maybe painting. Thank you for sharing! Much love, Jodi

  3. Hi Joanie, I tried to post a comment on your site but it wouldnt let me because I had a wordpress account and cant remember the password. (I have it saved when I go to my site.)

    Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know how gorgeous it is.

    hugs, K

  4. Joanie!!! OMG!!! I LOVE this SO SO much! I hadn’t seen this before but I am truly blown away! This is just beautiful! I really am so touched! My Mum even said you have me down to a ‘tea’ too haha! I cannot wait to receive this! I shall be framing this to keep and treasure for life. I will always remember our Bali ‘XMEN’ group and just how much you all changed my life 😀 It’s been an absolute privilege to meet every one of you. Lots and lots of love, Hels ‘Xmen fairy’ xxxxx

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