I am just fascinated by these little yellow flowers that fall willingly from the tree. I can be staring into space, and see one drop before me, soon the ground is littered with them. It is like Creator is saying to me, “I see you and I am with you.”  And my mind goes to thanks and gratefulness for the beauty all around me. I know that I could find this beauty in America, if I tried.  When I first arrived I noticed the little yellow flowers (a little smaller than your palm) adorning the sinks in the bathrooms, or on the inside edges of steps as I walked up the stairs to a shop or restaurant. It was a beautiful “welcome to Bali”. Where I am staying now, I have my own tree!  This is where I noticed where the flowers came from and how they are easily collected. Following tradition I have collected some to place on my bed, in my bathroom, and in my hair. There scent is amazing, full, sweet, graceful and strong.   Today, I captured a few of Bali flowers for you to enjoy. I hope you can feel their beauty, and then find your own beauty around you. Blessings!

imageimageimageImage imageimage

image   image

image   image


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Joanie, I love it. Thanks for sharing your trip via your blog. You do it so beautifully–so picturesque and relaxed. The pictures are lovely also. You make it special. I can feel your joy. Happy, Happy, Blessings, Colene

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