It’s all about ‘the food’!

If your wondering what I am eating here in Bali, imagine heaven, a healthy heaven.

I have come to love the “young green coconut”.  Recently I learned that you don’t just drink the juice …. You scrape the coconut meat from the inside of the coconut as well. So I have become a connoisseur of the coconut.  I read that it is very healthy for you.  Other drinks have included carrot, beet and fruit juices or other juices mixed with turmeric and other healthy things.  I have tried a few drinks called “the liver cleanse” or “the healthy heart” and all have been delicious.  Aside from drinking… I have sampled both indonesian food and everything in between.  I love food and I can’t help talking about it. Ha ha.  Pizza is a big thing here in Ubud and I have treated myself to pizza a few times. I now know the best place in town to order pizza. Yum. I have had salads, chicken prepared in many ways, in stir fries, poached, grilled, sliced, diced and barbecued.  I even had a hamburger, topped with cheese and avocado. Of course, it came with the traditional French fries.  Isn’t a vacation sometimes all about food?  I know there are tours, shopping, swimming, and sun bathing…. But really without your tummy satisfied, those other things aren’t quite as fun.

I have had my first Mangosteen.  It is a sweet delicious  tropical fruit and you an eat quite a few of them in one sitting because they are soooo good!  They have a thick outer peel. You enjoy them by breaking the skin with your fingernail and twisting them until they open. The inside contains white sections, like the sections of an orange. But unlike the orange the mangosteen is quite small so you only get a few tangy, juicy, and somewhat fibrous sections per piece of fruit.   Bon Appetit


imageimage   image    image


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