The Elephant Cave

There is a small cave here in Bali, they call Goa Gajah, which means Elephant Cave. It is in the calm village of Bedulu which is about 26 kilometers or 16 miles from Denpasar. In case you want to drop by.

When arriving, you first walk past the markets, where you become acquainted with the wood or ivory salesman. He holds out his wares to you and smiles, “good deal only one US dollar.”
It was a very good deal, but I didn’t buy. I am practicing restraint since i want to be able to close my suitcase at the end of the month.
First I saw these large pools of water, with fountain statues of women pouring water. Some people walked down the steps and splashed a bit in the water. I did the tourist thing and just took pics!
Climbing down the next small set of stairs, you find the elephant cave. The energy inside the cave was amazing to me.  Read: so strong, like vortex energy. The cave was small, with “offering stations” (my phrase), and it seemed like “not a big deal” to many, but I wanted to stay in there and meditate. I stayed as long as I dare, I didn’t want to lose my group and be wandering around the park for hours. Nix that thought, I will follow long.
After you climb down the next stairway you feel the very soothing tropic air and you are surrounded by the beautiful plants, bridges, a beautiful tropical panorama. Following the paths leads you to the Petanu river and a little waterfall.
Guide Robert by falls

Guide Robert by falls


In case you were thirsty, you could find a vendor here or there offering “fresh young coconut”.  He would whack the top of the coconut off with his big sharp knife, and hand the opened coconut to you with a straw. YUM!
Near there was a three branching stupa (see pic with a man sitting on it), and other beautiful old statues, ponds and this beautiful old tree with its roots climbing out of the ground offering a bench for those that pass by.
I must have lost myself in the mystery of the forest, for when I left, I climbed up and up and up so many stairs, not realizing that I had descended on them. I thought this was so special it deserved a blog space.

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