Warning, tie your sarong tightly

 Learning how to wear a sarong and fit it correctly around you can be an adventure. Last week my friend Robert demonstrated how to wear one. The men and women wear sarongs when they visit a temple or see a high priest. Apparently you wrap it around a few times and push the end of the top piece next to your skin so the pressure of your tummy against the sarong holds it in place. I tried it, and it seemed to work fine. It stayed in place when I visited the temple and stood for my blessing. Cool, I thought, got this down pat.

When I dressed for ceremony the other day, I decided to make a single knot with the two pieces, the one end I started with and the end I ended with. Safe and secure, right?  
Well, I was sitting in a busy outdoor restaurant, innocently eating my lunch and visiting with a friend.  When I got up to leave and visit the rest room, I noticed my sarong was dragging a little on the ground. LOL, my goodness, my dress was falling off!! Quickly I saved the day, grabbing the fabric around me, I sneaked off hoping the restaurant patrons would not notice.  In the little room, I “readjusted” myself, this time putting a tight double knot where the two pieces come together. My advice, double knots work best!


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