The Runway

Hi I’m here in Bali, taking a walk in my Kebaya (traditional lace blouse). I’ve attended part of the ceremony which was held at the end of monkey forest … which looks like a forest full of monkeys … and I haven’t visited the “Monkey Forest ” yet. I was on monkey forest road, next to “Monkey Forest”.  It is a bit confusing to explain it to you, so if you don’t get it, no worries. 
At the ceremony I took many wonderful pictures of the Balinese people. Darn, I wish I had my “big” camera, a photographer walked by and I was instantly hit with “camera envy”! Oh well, the point and shoot will have to do.
On my walk home I felt as if I was a famous model on a runway in New York.  Monkey Forest road is long road lined with side walks and shops on both sides. Often you will see the the shop owner, or people hanging out, sitting on the steps of the shops. 
It was about seven in the evening and so all the shop lights were on, and with a bit of imagination you can imagine a long runway.  As I started, a woman commented on how beautiful I looked in my Kebaya. I smiled and thanked her. 
I felt delighted and continued to walk towards home, and another woman or man would compliment me on my beauty. This happened over and over again as I walked on the “runway”! I took it all in, knowing that they were so impressed with my costume, their native dress, and maybe not my face or my outward beauty.  My smile grew brighter and brighter and stronger and stronger, I must have radiated.  I felt so loved by these people, the Balinese.  That was the best night ever!

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