Moving – not fun!

As I followed my driver down Hannoman,  the hot sun beat down on me. My suitcases were heavy and the clothes I was wearing were sticking to my body. I heard my inner voice announce, “Moving is not fun”. I cracked a smile at myself, and realized I forgot my promise to keep it simple, and I wondered why I had purchased so many things!!!   I think that moving is never fun.  It always involves packing up all your things, and m.o.v.i.n.g from one place to another. And almost always the other place is better than where you were.  I have been in “my new home” for an hour now. It is better, and I am happy.  I am at a beautiful place and tomorrow after I have rested and adjusted, I will introduce you to my new home. I “let go” of where  and who I was and who I am becoming. Have you “moved” or “changed” anything lately?

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